5 mountain hikes recommended by Norgesguidene (The Norwegian Guides)

Norgesguidene organize mountain hikes throughout Norway and you can read more about 5 of their recommended hikes here.

Store Austabotntind
Store Austabotntind is one of the most spectacular mountains in the Hurrungane mountain range. For many people, the Hurrungane are probably synonymous with Store Skagastølstind, but this climb gives you a beautiful view all day long towards Ringstindane, Dyrhaugstindane and, in particular, towards Skagastølstindane. Compared to other climbs in the Hurrungane range, this one is not particularly long or difficult, but it requires climbing equipment and often an ice ax and crampons, as well as knowledge about how to use them.

Situated right in the middle of the Sunnmøre Alps, this majestic mountain is a place where you can have lots of fun. It can be done as a hike which involves crossing part of a glacier, but it can also be climbed by undertaking some long, demanding ridge traverses, climbing steep rock faces or climbing up gulleys with or without snow and ice. Take mountain shoes, climbing shoes, snow shoes, crampons or other footwear. There is a great deal to choose from, and a lot that hasn't been done yet.

Norway's national mountain certainly doesn't need much presentation. Easily recognizable at a long distance. Monumental and smooth. The upward hike involves climbing and includes a few meters that can be quite demanding, but the view from the top is worth it!

Store Venjetind
Indisputably the world's most beautiful mountain with its Alpine glaciers, ridges and peaks. Here you can find many high-quality challenges and different degrees of difficulty both summer and winter. The beautiful Venjetind ridge glides elegantly into the Kvanndalstind ridge and the ragged Torshammeren. Kvanndalstind is also one of the most beautiful and most Alpine peaks in Romsdalen, almost reaching as high as Store Venjetind.

Store Skagastølstind
Store Skagastølstind is a must on any list of the most beautiful Alpine climbs in Norway. This peak is situated in the middle of the Hurrungane and is visible from the whole Jostedal Glacier and large parts of Jotunheimen. The climb is long, demanding and incredibly spectacular, but since the climbing itself is not particularly difficult, it is often underestimated.